martedì 2 giugno 2015

growth and development

This video simulates the growth of the natural hives (vertical development and honeycombs are nearly parallel).
In this case 3 systems grow simultaneously and each agent deposits a simple cubic structure, composed by particle and springs that works as an attractor for the other agents. The deformation caused by gravity occurs in real time, so that each agent has to interact with a structure already stable.
For each frame they are also added new agents that have the purpose of connecting different structures according to their distance and to the deformations to which they are subjected.

This video shows the same system, but the deposit starts from several points simultaneously (30 in this specific case). This allows greater variation in the resulting structures (areas with different stiffness) and greater differentiation of spaces. There is also more interaction between the agents and the material deposited.

Some of the results obtained with the same system

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